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A Multi-Fandom Iconset Challenge Based on 1 (one) Pic

Based loosely on communities such as icons100 and other 100 iconset communities (mostly 100hp), here is a brand new iconset challenge. Like bands who have one great single and fade, called one-hit wonders, this community focuses on making 25 icons based on one image (referred to as a pic, see below), and after that image is claimed, it can never be used again in this community.

This iconset does not use themes for its 25 icons like many other iconsets for a few reasons. First, since this is a multifandom community using one image, its quite difficult nay impossible to force themes such as evil, sweet, and time all on one pic without just adding cheesy text. I could set themes based on the type of icon, such as "use a brush" or "no text allowed," but I'm pretty sure the icons submitted will run that gamut anyway.

Your chosen pic can be anything from any fandom -- this means screen caps, promotional images, fanart, manipulations, stock images, etc. -- as long as you credit your source and get permission from the makers of fanart and manips. The only thing I ask is that is pics must be PG-13 or lower so this community can involve everybody.

You have to make 25 icons based on that one pic, so do anything you can to make each one original. Different styles of cropping, brushes, textures, gradients, animation, and odd sizes (such as rectangles) are all allowed, plus whatever you can think of as long as they are less than 100x100 px and 40 kb. Blending with other images is allowed, but your pic must be included.

Each icon should be unique, so please do not just change the color of one little thing and the text a bit and call them different.

Please try to make all of your icons fresh, but if there are a few favorite past icons using your pic that you absolutely love, you may include them. Do make plenty of new ones, or it's not much of a challenge.

Since each pic can only be used once in the community, you must claim it here. Follow the easy instructions on that page to claim your pic as a comment to that post. In the comment subject, put the first letter of your first name so I know you have read the rules. Make sure to check the current claims list on that post and the past claims list here to make sure that your claim has not been taken. As of now, you may have only two subjects claimed at a time.

In response to your comment, I will say whether you have been approved or not. You will have three weeks to complete all 25 icons, and your first five must be done within a week. (I will comment with those dates so you know.) In completing your claim, please try to make at least five icons everytime you post so it does not clog up people's friends pages. Lj-cuts are a must, whether "fake" or real. If you link to your journal or personal icon community, make sure that post is not friends only because, frankly, its obnoxious to have to join a community to see your icons. It's okay to have other icons in said posts as long as the icons for onepicwonders are indicated.

In order to finish your claim and receive a banner for all of your hard work, please post all 25 icons on one post in onepicwonders, not in your personal journal. (no fake cuts here) This is to make it easier for me to post a link in the completed claims section that I know may not be deleted or made friends-only later on, which may happen to your personal journal a couple months down the road. After you have posted all 25 properly, I will post your banner, list your iconset on the completed claims page, and you are free to make another claim!

[[ NEW ]]
We now have a new special challenge in addition to our regular iconsets. You do have to be a member to submit your icon, but you do not have to complete a regular iconset first. Entries will close once 25 are received. Check it out here

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